Sustainability and environment

We take sustainability and the environment seriously at Holsljunga Camping & Café. We work constantly to improve our sustainability and it influences all our operational decisions, both in terms of environmental aspects and socio-economic sustainability.

It is important to us that we and our guests make as little impact on the environment as possible. We collaborate with local producers and use locally produced ingredients and products as far as possible in our operations. We work to reduce kitchen food waste by serving “reasonably” small portions. But if you are not satisfied, just ask for more. This has meant that we almost never have to throw food away left by the guests we serve.

The goods we provide in the store must also be as locally produced as possible. Here we prefer to sell a little less but charge more and keep quality higher. This also contributes to reduced food miles.

We sort waste from the restaurant and reception at source, but we are also working to find a solution for sorting the other waste in our facility. In addition, we make environmentally conscious choices when it comes to disposable and cleaning products. In the future, we see a need to become self-sufficient in electricity. We are therefore planning to install solar cells on the roof of the service block, in order to cover the campsite’s own electricity use. In the shower block we have installed a decentralized ventilation system with heat recovery and will replace 18 water taps with sensor taps and lower the water pressure to reduce water consumption. We’ll continue with use of tokens in the showers to save water here as well.

We continuously replace older fridges and freezers with newer ones that are energy-efficient and environmentally classified.

To increase the number of guest nights, we have renovated and refurbished existing cabins as the occupancy of the cabins was previously only 20%. We have also lowered the low season price and to compensate for that increased the price slightly during the high season. To increase availability and reduce our workload, we also now use online booking.

To make the campsite more attractive to visitors, we want to create more opportunities for activities here. We have started working with a kayak rental company so guests can hire kayaks. For this season, we have started a collaboration with a local adventure company, Vildmark Sjuhärad. A new cycle path that will soon be ready has encouraged us buy bicycles to hire out. This will also make it possible for visitors to experience the local area and travel further to visit other providers. We plan to work with nearby businesses to see what they can offer. We also plan to provide a charging station for electric cars.

We aim to cooperate with the council to offer holiday jobs to local young people, or to help those who are outside the labour market. On behalf of the local council, we keep the beach and the surrounding area clean.