About us


From city life on the outskirts of Stockholm with a good job in the sales industry. After many years and numerous days of travel for work, we decided to take a sabbatical year. It turned into a year of camping in a motorhome around Europe. 

When we returned from our sabbatical year, something had changed within us.

We went back to old habits, old routines, and felt – no, this was not how we wanted it anymore.

At that time, we didn’t really know that we wanted to run a campground, but around the same time, it popped up on Facebook that the campground in Holsljunga was up for sale.

The coming weekend, we took a 40-mile trip to Holsljunga, and it was love at first sight.

Eight days after first seeing the ad, we had signed all the papers, and the campground was ours.

Back to Stockholm again to resign from our jobs, sell the house, and more or less everything else that couldn’t come with us in the move.

It was a big step, but we don’t regret it, and we think it was a bit easier because we had already been out for a year.

To work like this, for a Stockholmer, this is magical!

Look at the view through the reception window. We have this view every day. Never will we go back to an office again. 

During the season, we live in a caravan behind the reception.

Then we head south in our motorhome and spend the winter in southern Europe with our dog Django.